Maya El Nahal


Meet the little Fox from my Kurinuki workshop! Love him. I am wondering if this is a way to work through some more thoughts around the pest ideas.

It was so enjoyable to carve the clay, it is firm and sturdy but carves very easily. Although thinking in 3D is a bit of a challenge, the whole process was magic and once the Fox started to emerge he had a mind of his own. Feels great to get my hands in a material again, to feel something take shape between my fingers, like a conversation or a dance.

He’s been glazed with thin layers of orange and brown glaze so we’ll see how he comes out of the kiln!

Update 19/04

So the glazing looks a bit of a disaster. Very patchy in a way that distracts from the shape and textures of the carving. I would prefer unglazed to do this again, I’m not sure if that affects the durability of the final work but I think it would feel more powerful and less trinkety.

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