Maya El Nahal


organic started with a burned-out motorbike found on a path in Pollokshaws, and explored the social, chemical, and spiritual threads intersecting within.

Questions of decomposition, the nature of organic matter, and composting from extractive ecosystems were examined through macro photography, the creation of carbonised motorbike-paraffin wax crayons, and drawing.

mulch. Macro images of Glasgow's Autumn leaf litter, swept up by municipal workers before soil can form.

In Glasgow, I find myself thinking about the multi-species kinships that press in from all sides in the apparently devoid-of-nature urban environment: mice and mould in tenements, people feeding seeds and bread to ducks in the park, dog-owners chasing dogs chasing squirrels, magpies picking through litter. Considering Glasgow's fierce political and proud social spirit, this is a community with intriguing and complex webs of interaction and relationship.

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