Maya El Nahal

Eabhal and Obasaraigh

spider was an entity formed from five pairs of old beige tights that were stuffed with peat. Dug by hand while naked, the peat was from ten different locations and hauled back to the studio over twelve weeks: this piece was slow, and from its making to its display demanded patience.

To remain soft and wet, it was re-soaked every few days in water, meaning spider writhed constantly during its manifest existence, animate but only if you were prepared to know it on its own terms.

The peat was returned to the land with gratitude after exhibition; the tights were burned.

Image credit: Cara Forbes

communion. Series of drawings made using peat ink, peat ash, and peat.

Image credit: Cara Forbes

found. Book with photographs of found objects with a perceived numinous quality.

Image credit: Cara Forbes (left)

Eabhal is the highest peak on North Uist, and Loch Obasaraigh wraps around its base. The work shown here came from a two-year project, and includes sculptural work with peat, bone, and wool, elemental etchings, solargraphs, drawing, movement, photography, and film.

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